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Sicbo, which is now being introduced from many online casinos, is a dice game from the famous Chinese State. If you want to learn winbox apk to play this game, here is a detailed tutorial to help you. Games that are played using three dice are known as SicBo which means “pair of dice”, which is not a true depiction. Getting to the settings in this game will take a lot of practice, but actually SicBo is an easy game to learn and understand. Sicbo rules are rather easy. There is one table and three dice in the game. Pairs are placed on the gain on their third reel. This is the same as other casino table gambling. You set the size of your chips and finally place your chips where you want to bet.

SicBo online can be quite different from the traditional version, but much easier. You can roll the dice and make bets with just a few clicks of your mouse. To set the chip size, click the Plus and Minus buttons. Then, to place your bet, click on the appropriate area of ​​the virtual SicBo table. You can make several different bets on the same reel or with the same amount.

Playing SicBo Online as I said above, online SicBo is even simpler than the traditional type. You won’t get this at any offline casino and it also offers a variety of different types of bets. SicBo games usually require players to make many types of odds and payouts that most online casinos offer. Take a look at some of the popular online SicBo bets.

Any Triple: The same number on all three dice must come out for you to win this bet. Result: You win a pair only if the total (sum) of the three dice is the number you put. For example you place on Result 12, and if the sum of the three dice is correct 12 then you will win the bet. Big: Pairs can be won if the total of the three dice is between 11 and 17 but is not a triple. Single Dice Bet: If the number you place at least one of the dice comes out correctly then you win. Special Triple: This is a ‘Special Triple’ bet type where you win only if all three dice show the specific number you bet on. So, if you place on 4, then all three dice must show 4 for you to win.

Special Double: You will win this pair if two of the three dice show the specific number you selected, exactly the same as the special triple. Small: If the total of the three dice is between 4 and 10 but not a triple, and this bet you win. Two Dice Combination: In this betting variation, you bet on two specific numbers and will win if at least two of the dice show those numbers. How to play and win at SicBo now that you are familiar with the various bets played at the SicBo table. Let’s review how this game is actually played and how much you can win in various possibilities. You bet and click the Throw button to roll the dice in the online SicBo game. The top number on the winning dice is set when the dice stop. The winning area of ​​the SicBo table in online gambling is usually lit.

The prizes winbox apk for each different pair that are owned above, are usually mentioned in the table itself. The bet with the lowest payout has the highest probability of winning. The highest compensation for a certain triple bet is 180 to 1, That means you win 180 times your bet amount if the special number you specify appears on all three dice. You get many kinds of bets and better winning prizes that is one of the advantages of playing SicBo online.

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