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How to Get a Low-Interest Rate on a Personal Loan

The need for extra money is known by the majority of citizens. One of the best solutions is low-interest personal loan in a bank. However, nobody wants to overpay, and the search for a place with the lowest interest on the loan begins. Here are some essential tips on getting the lowest interest. 


If it becomes difficult for the borrower to repay his or her loan according to the established schedule, it is possible to apply to the bank with a request to restructure his loan. Banks are quite willing to satisfy the borrower’s request, as it is much more profitable for them to offer him a new payment schedule than lose their money.

In the case of restructuring, the borrower may be offered an extension of the loan term, a decrease in the monthly installment, and even a reduction in the interest rate. It can be decreased only by 1-2, but it is better than nothing. The term for which the bank agrees to reduce interest is up to two years. 


Refinancing is a new loan on more favorable terms that can be taken to pay the old one. This can be done in the same credit establishment that has issued you the first loan. For instance, on the off chance that you took your first credit a year prior, and the loan fee on it was 17, and now it is 14, you can approach the bank for refinancing. That is, if you get another credit, you will close the old one that is expensive for you with the help of the assets given out, and pay a new loan that is more profitable for you.

You should use refinancing only when the difference between the percentages is 3 points or more. If the interest rate on a new loan differs from the old one by 1-2 points, it is not expedient to refinance the loan. Also, those people who have an annuity loan payment scheme, and most of the debt has already been repaid, should not do this procedure. All interest has already been paid to the bank, so there is nothing much to reduce, and the rest of the debt is the loan body itself.

Maximum Package of Documents

The size of the interest rate for each borrower is determined individually. The more documents confirming their solvency are provided by the client, the more trust will a credit institution have. Accordingly, the interest rate can be changed in favor of the borrower because a bank will not have any doubts.

Therefore, when applying for a loan, it is advisable to have with you any papers confirming your positive financial status. This may be a workbook, house or car ownership documents, certificates of education, certificates of additional income, etc. Your goal is to certify the bank that you definitely pay your loan on time.

Positive Credit History

Good credit history is another essential aspect for the borrower because the bank will be sure about your solvency and may consent to lessen the loan cost for you.

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